Monday, June 7, 2010

000037 - History is Made!

June 1938 saw the first appearance of the man of steal, Superman. May 1939 saw the first appearance of the caper crusader, Batman. August 1962 saw the first appearance of the amazing, web slinging Spiderman. And... June 2010 now sees the first appearance of...

...the Knight Owl!!!

Every classic strip has reoccurring situations, themes and off-the-wall cameos. One of Just Say Cheese's reoccurring cameos will be by the superhero known as the Knight Owl. This week introduces the fowl cowled freedom fighter and a few of his super partners.

Come on, you know when you were a kid that you dreamed of donning a cape and kicking some super criminal's behind!!! A few people in Okrapolis are just crazy enough to slip on the spandex and fight for justice!

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