Meet the Cast

The Storyline

In a nutshell, the stories revolve around the small town of Okrapolis and the odd characters who reside in the backwards, Southern community. I describe my comic strip as Mayberry gets invaded by Monty Python.

Billy Hamm is starting a new life in a strange new town. After the death of his mom, Billy Hamm’s upbringing becomes the responsibility of his rock star dad, Derik Hamm of the rock band the Okra Pods. The Hamms move next door to Fug Cheese and his mom Anna. Coincidently, Derik and Anna dated way back when in high school. This creates some fun tension throughout the run of the comic strip. Derik has never gotten over Anna and desperately tries to kick the rock n roll lifestyle that Anna so emphatically despises.

Fug Cheese is a wild child. Known at school as the class clown, Fug hides the loss of his father very well.  Fug’s dad is lost and presumed dead after an ill-fated expedition deep in the uncharted jungles of Africa. The scheming young boy is always finding one troubled scenario after another and ends up turning each situation into a rumpus series of comical events. Fug finds that the shared loss of parents instantly bonds Billy and himself. As a result, we are off to some of the wildest adventures ever printed in the funny papers!

El Hijo Loco is an obese wrestler with an even larger heart. The famed luchador is nearing the end of his career so he moves back to Okrapolis to train his nephew Lucardo who wants to be a wrestler like the uncle he idolizes. Through the training and guidance of El Hijo, Lucardo eventually transforms himself into the character known only as Spyke. As Spyke, Lucardo befriends Fug and Billy to serve as the third stooge in this comic strip classic.

Besides the team of Fug, Billy and Spyke, there is another treesome lighting up this strip. Floyd the Dragon, Wooly the Mammoth, and Spazz the Unicorn are Fug’s “pets”. Fug’s dad brought the creatures back with him after one of his adventures in the Amazon. Floyd is a sarcastic dragon. Wooly is a goofy mammoth. Spazz is a cute unicorn who is endearing but not very bright.

The Okra Pods have toured the world with their rock band since 1985 with their rock n roll parody songs. Their claim to fame is the “Yellow Okra Album” which parodies ever song from the Beatles’ “White Album”. Sixty six albums and thousands of lawsuits later, the band returns home to Okrapolis for a different type of R-n-R. They trade in “Rock N Roll” for a little “Rest N Relaxation”!