Friday, April 30, 2010

000028 - Mother In Law

The father of one of Just Say Cheese's main characters is a member of the parody rock band the Okra Pods. Here is my favorite cut from their album "Southern Fried Okra". At a close second on my list of favorites from that album is "Fire On Michael Jackson" but the timing is off for that one. Maybe in a year or so I can post that song's lyrics. "Mother-In-Law" is a parody of the Allman Brothers' song "Ramblin' Man".

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© 2009 Dave Jones and the Okra Pods

My mother-in-law looks like a man.
Looks like her face was hit by a frying pan.
And when its time to visit
I make up other plans.
My mother-in-law looks like a man.

Well her scowl has been known to up and blind ya.
When she's coming people will just up and run.
She looks old enough to pull funds from a retirement trust.
But actually she just turned Forty One!

My mother-in-law looks like a man.
In over forty countries the sight of her mug's been banned.
And when its time to visit
I make up other plans.
My mother-in-law looks like a man.

I'm looking through old photos this morning.
See a girl who looks like my hon-ey.
My wife says that's here mama when she was a young 'un.
Lord, now I know what lies ahead for me!

My mother-in-law looks like a man.
Her face looks like the surface where a lunar module might land.
And when its time to visit
I make up other plans.
My mother-in-law looks like a man.

My mother-in-law looks like a man.
Looks like her face got stuck in a ceiling fan.
And when its time to visit
I make up other plans.
My mother-in-law looks like a man.

My mother-in-law looks like a man.
Some say she looks like Uncle Sam....

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

000027 - Toying Around

I've been "toying" around in the toy industry for 18 years now. It's the perfect job for someone who refuses to grow up! I tell everyone that I have to watch cartoons all day and wrestling at night because I have to keep up with juvenile trends! I cannot believe people buy that line...

In other news, Just Say Cheese is closing in on 500 fans... or likes. I hate the new term "like". Either way, my goal for 500 fans by June should be reached by tomorrow. Next goal will be 1,000 fans by September. That WILL be tough. Then the next step is syndication. That will be dang-near impossible. If I succeed, between the toy industry income and the cash flow from syndication, I should actually be making a living!

Time to check in on El Hijo Loco. The wrestling legend has made it home to his family in Mexico. He has spent all his life wrestling around the globe. Has fame and fortune smiled upon the larger than life superstar?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

000026 - Living for Yesterday

I have heard over and over again that in order to be successful you have to live for tomorrow. People actually believe that you have to work hard today so that you can build for a better future. Well, this mind set is so horribly incorrect!

I realized the error in this ideology during my long bus ride home from Dallas. I had chaperoned my son's school band trip to Six Flags. It was an enlightening experience as I watched my son interact with his friends. I recalled for myself all the trips I made as a teenager with my friends. I would go to lock-ins every couple of months just to chill with friends... and hit on girls... I did say that I was a teenager, right?

As I was sitting quietly on the bus and watching the kids smiling, laughing, and picking on each other, I recalled how much I missed my own childhood as well as how much my childhood shaped who I am. I miss my close friends and the old, wild days of debauchery and chaos that made such great memories and made me into the man I am today.

Live for yesterday! Share your memories with your kids! Of course, edit the details so you do not get yourself into any trouble... Bottom line is to start working on memories for your loved ones. Your past is your legacy, not what you plan on becoming tomorrow... tomorrow may never come!

Okay, now for something funny...

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Blog Is Clogged!

Hello everyone! 

For some reason my blogs have stopped appearing on my Facebook page.  So this is not so much a "blog" as it is a "test".  I apologize for the inconvenience... but then again, if this tests fails, no one is seeing this post...  To be honest, I am not sure if anyone reads these posts when they DO reach the Just Say Cheese Facebook Page!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

000025 - Earth Quakers

There are people spouting about that the world is coming to an end. Weekly earthquakes are now topped off with an erupting volcano in Europe that no one can even pronounce the name of. There are some saying that Yellowstone Park will host the next volcano to explode... and they are saying THIS is the volcano that very well could have been responsible for killing the dinosaurs!

These people are nuts... I am now, hereby, coining a phrase. These fanatics are now to be forever known as Earth Quakers.

Now for today's comic strip starring El Hijo Loco... a character who was actually created by my brother-in-law Randy Salsbury. Dang, now I probably have to pay him. I'll give him 10%... that comes out annually to a ha'penny...

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

000024 - Fortune and Fame

I have been overwhelmed with all the well wishes for my comic strip in the last few weeks. Now I am actually starting to believe I can do this!

I have a lot of friends who are telling me that they hope I remember them when I am rich and famous. They obviously don't know how much a syndicated cartoonist makes! With all the newspapers tanking it, there are fewer and fewer outlets every day! Plus the going rate is about $20 a WEEK per strip per newspaper... and that income is split with the cartoonist and the syndicate. I figure if I am lucky and I do get syndicated, I'll still be working in the toy industry full time as I produce just Say Cheese for the rest of my life!... unless I can market the hell out of my characters. Oh yeah, I'll sell out in a heartbeat!!!!! Maybe my 16 years in the toy industry will finally benefit ME for a change.

I can see it now, I'll have Fug Cheese action figures, water guns, and video games. The really cool way to make money with this comic strip would be to release some of the parody albums by the Okra Pods. That could EASILY be my bread and butter... and not that cheap margarine butter substitute junk. I am talking about artery clogging dairy goo!

I measure riches very differently than most people. I would be content on just being syndicated and knowing that there are people actually reading my strip. Everyone knows that the comics are the only section anyone takes time to actually read... okay maybe I made up that fact, but I bet by average, you would find that I am correct. Just knowing that I have a captive audience with people sitting on buses, trains and airplanes who are reading my strip and giving a chuckle would make me richer than I have ever been in my life...

Nope, I take that back. My two sons have made my heart richer than I ever thought imaginable. The syndication of my comic strip would still be pretty dang cool though!

So here is today's strip. This episode concludes the fourth week of dailies!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Comic 023

Here is today's strip fresh from my studio in downtown Okrapolis! I hope you enjoy. The Descency Detectives may appear again from time to time in their futile attempts to keep my comic strip in bounds. They may be my best chance at getting syndicated.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily Comic 022

We did it! 100 fans have been added in only FOUR DAYS!!!


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Today's strip is very special because, if and when I get syndicated, this strip would never make it past the editor!!! It is a little riske for your local newspaper... I'll post more of these gems as time goes by! I'll try and keep my mind out of the gutter in the future because I REALLY want to get syndicated. Now, if I come up with something funny... believe me I'll post it whether it is something that will or will not get me syndicated. I just want a laugh!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Comic 021

Just in case you are wondering about the Superheroes mentioned in today's strip, these are actual characters I have developed over the years. I have about a dozen or so heroes who make up the Global Guardians. I have written a series of strips for Just Say Cheese that star High Voltage and his Sidekick Sparky the Nuclear Boy. If I can find a way to tie in these characters into the strip, I may share these strips with you!

High Voltage is a superhero from the 1930 and 40's who was frozen in a state of suspended animation by the arch villian Dr. Axis. High Voltage's original sidekick, Adam Atom, spent the next fifty years trying to solve the mystery of his mentor's disappearance. After a series of mysterious leads, Adam finds High Voltage and revives the superhero. High Voltage is still the same age he was in 1943 and now has to deal with the loss of everything he held dear including the loss of his beloved fiance. To deal with everything, High Voltage has taken up his war on crime with his new sidekick Sparky the Nuclear Boy.

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Here is the latest strip.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Comic 020

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