Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Say Cheese - The Next Big Comic Strip!!!

Okay... this is NOT your average comic strip. It is a bit dark at times, but proves time and time again that Just Say Cheese is the funniest comic strip that has ever been stripped. Nothing is held sacred which means that no punches are ever going to be held back. Because of the brazen attitude of my strip, I will never see the riches of syndication... but I will never feel the limitation of the censors set forth by syndicates and national publications. Now, if a syndicate is ever interested, I could be easily bought!!! I'd sell out in a heartbeat for the right offer... but honestly, I think a strip like Just Say Cheese is a well needed shot in the arm to the world of syndication.

Here is the basic storyline for Just Say Cheese...

Billy Hamm's mother has past away and his world is changing as quickly as it is crumbling around him. Billy's father, Derik, must now raise the son he barely knows. Derik Hamm is the guitarist for the rock band the Okra Pods and had been divorced from Billy's mother for four years. Derik and his band has quit touring and moved to the small town of Okrapolis in support of Derik's new responsibility. As it is, Derik has not seen Billy in nearly a year and tensions are a bit high.

Fug Cheese never quite fit in with the kids at school. He is well liked and respected... but he just doesn't quite belong in this small town of Okrapolis. Fug is a strange little boy... a dreamer and a schemer. His father disappeared years ago in Africa while exploring uncharted regions deep in its dangerous jungles.

Fate moves Billy into the big mansion next door to Fug's house. The comic strip will explore the dark realms of their losses as we witness the bonding of two uniquely different yet startling similar characters. Fate will also dance around the relationship between Billy's dad and Fug's mom, Anna. Both actually dated a long time back in high school and both will "flirt" with the notion of a new relationship throughout the life of this strip.

Other characters will grace the panels and give life to this town called Okrapolis. In the course of my ten year plan for Just Say Cheese, readers will eventually come to accept Okrapolis as their own home.

So sit back and enjoy. If I offend you, I apologize. My strip is edgy and rude at times but it is no way as rough as Family Guy or South Park... and I love BOTH of those shows. Bottom line is that I do want to get syndicated one day, so I am going to watch the content as much as possible... but at the same time, I want to make an impact!

David Jones
Creator of "Just Say Cheese"

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