Thursday, June 3, 2010

000035 - Wrestling With My Thoughts

Every character in my strip is an actual reflection of my own character. Each of these stars reflect a personality or passion that resides within my overactive brain. As you can tell by my strip's luchador character, El Hijo Loco... I love wrestling and food. I do not love food as much as El Hijo, but I admit that I do alright at a good buffet line.

There are some characters that are molded after good friends from my past... whether they like it or not. It just makes these characters more real to me and in return, I hope, more real to my readers.

I have so many more characters to introduce. Keep reading over the next few months for Holly Pe┼ło, Zana Blanks, Spazz, Willie, and Floyd the dragon. Meanwhile, let's continue with our study of the wrestling legend El Hijo Loco.

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