Thursday, July 15, 2010

000042 - Possibilities are Endless...

Everything is possible... Hell indeed can freeze over. David Gilmour and Roger Waters can still play nice together!!! I am a HUGE Pink Floyd fan after being introduced to the band back in high school by some hot chick who will leave as nameless so she doesn't have to admit that she stooped so low as to go out with me, the geekiest guy in high school... Women have always been a huge influence on my musical tastes for some reason.

Where am I going with this blog???

Oh yeah, so even a hot girl will date a geek... so anything is possible. With this logic I know that one of these I am going to get my comic strip syndicated. It is just a matter of time and karma.

I am now going to travel back in time for the next month and polish up the earlier strips. Enjoy the conclusion of this week's episode!!!

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