Friday, August 20, 2010

0045 - El Hijo Loco Collapses

It was rumored that El Hijo Loco injured his back at a show in Lubbock last night. It appears this injury is just a work because El Hijo needs time off for some personal issues. The eight time OWW Extremely Heavyweight Champ will be returning to his hometown of Okrapolis later in the week.

A report on the internet by someone in attendance at last night's show states that El Hijo Loco was attempting a moonsault off the top rope when the turnbuckle snapped under the weight of his girth. El Hijo Loco fell out of the ring, landing on ring announcer Sal E. Mandor and wrenching his back. Sal E. Mandor is currently in critical condition after being squished by the tragic fall.

Meanwhile, back in Okrapolis, Billy is still meeting Fug's pets.

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