Sunday, August 29, 2010

0047 - Name That Fan

I think it is time we gave the fans of "Just Say Cheese" a name!

In the past when comic strips hit their prime, their fans where hailed by nicknames tagged by the strips' syndicates or marketing groups. Well, I've got squat so I am doing this myself. I have come up with a list of names for my diehard fans.

I took two elements of my strip and expounded upon them. The elements are Cheese, Hamm and Okra. Wait, yes... I mean three elements. Cheese come from the main character's name Fug Cheese. Hamm comes from the name of Fug's friend Billy Hamm. Okra comes from the rock band the Okra Pods who move to town and starts the strip going.

Here are my suggestions...
1. Cheese Wizzers
2. Hamm Bones
3. Cheese Doodles
4. Strip Cheesers
5. Okrapolytes
6. Hamm Hocks
7. Cheese Louise

If anyone cares to vote on one, please do. If anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know.

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