Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dave Denounces Presidential Bid

Dave Jones, creator of the comic strip Just Say Cheese, held a press conference today to denounce rumors claiming that he would be running for President in the year 2012.  Rumors had been flying since last November that the up-and-coming cartoonist would take to the campaign trail for a push to become President of the United States.

"I wish to thank everyone for believing someone as meek as myself could run for such a high office as the President of the United States", Dave addressed.  "Rumors have been circulating that I was secretly planning for a Presidential run in 2012.  Truth is, not only was I not planning this, but I did not even know about the rumors until last week.  Some VERY influential people have been begging me to consider such a run all week.  I cannot even think about this at this time".

"Unfortunately, I have too many important projects that I must complete", explains Dave.  "I am going to spend the next two years pushing my comic strip.  After these two years are up and I have not accomplished my goal of syndicating my comic strip, I will at that time reconsider a bid for the President of the United States for 2016".

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