Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Game Show Idea: A Moment To Own It!

I just came up with a brilliant idea for a TV Game Show called "A Moment To Own It".  The concept will sweep the nation!!!  I need to get an agent quick for this one.

The show revolves around not-so-safe household objects.  You have 60 seconds to do wild, dangerous tricks.  If you succeed your trick, you move up a level.  If you survive... I mean to say if you win... all 10 levels, you win a million dollars!

At level one, the trick would be pretty simple.  You would have to successfully stack 5 vials of nitroglycerin, or maybe you would have to jump rope while standing on the top of a tall stool.

It would be so cool!  I do not think anything like this has ever been done before!  Now I just need a semi-recognizable actor for a host.  Maybe someone from the Food Channel or the Travel Channel.


Fug Cheese just informed me that there is already a show called Minute To Win It that is a sissy version of my idea.  Dang it.  I am always just a day or two too late.......

Oh well, I have more ideas.  I'll post them soon.

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