Tuesday, January 18, 2011

0048 - Happy New Year! Time for things to get serious...

Just Say Cheese had a huge run last year! In its first year on the internet, Just Say Cheese was a HUGE hit on Facebook gathering a cult following of nearly 2100 fans. The strip continues to grow as much as 15 to 20 or more fans per week!

I am now in the process of submitting my concept to the 7 major syndicates in North America. Just Say Cheese is also being entered into a HUGE contest by the Cartoonist Studio where the winning strip gets a developmental deal with Creators Syndicate. The next 6 months should be the biggest months of my life! It is "make or break" time! It is as exciting as it is scary!!!!

However this turns out, I do not plan on giving up. My main goal is to make people laugh and enjoy my warped sense of humor. I am not here to make money... just to make a living! If I never get syndicated, I will be happy to just take it slow and post a strip every week... but being paid to do it every day would be so frigging COOL!!!

Follow this blog to see the latest strips and latest news about my comic strip Just Say Cheese. Also, become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stripcheese

I apologize for neglecting this blog. I put all my efforts into the Facebook page. Now that Wordpress has improved with the tab functions, I am going to drop my other blog on Blogger and focus on Wordpress and Facebook.

Here is a quick look at the finale from the series that was started a while back.
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