Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Big House

Cold, frigid air fills my lungs this morning. I dart to the window to see if maybe a freak snowfall has blanketed the earth and grounded me to a Snow Day! Freedom from school!!! If not, I am doomed because my report on The Battle of Little Big Horn is incomplete and this could very well become Fug Cheese’s Last Stand!

My face drops as I see the wintered, brown and gray blades of the Bermuda mocking me. I am on to Plan B. It is time to google flu symptoms so I can fake out mom. She is getting really good at seeing through my ruses so I need all the help I can get from the information highway.

I look outside again, praying, as I inspect the grounds for signs of snow. I just see ice. That glacial element is not quite enough to shut down the Okrapolis Independent School District. There is ice in the huge oaks weighting down the brittle branches. There is ice on the mailbox delivering the frosty news that winter is still upon us. There is ice next door dangling from the "for sale" sign that, oh my, is mighty different today!

Someone added the word “Sold” to the top of the sign! I am getting some new neighbors!

I will miss old Mrs. Holder who lived next door in the abode Okrapolians refer to as “The Mansion”. The lonely widower baked cookies for my mother and me every Friday. I was the grandson she never had and my mom was the child she always wanted. My own grandmothers had passed away long ago so Mrs. Holder, in my eyes, really was my grandmother. Her passing last year really hit me hard.

The immense manor has sat vacant since her death. There are twenty four rooms in this three story dwelling. The master bath is bigger than any living room I’ve ever seen. Who needs a bath that huge? I don’t even take my bath half the time. It’s amazing how a little scented hand sanitizer behind the ears and under your arm pits, a rinse of water on your scalp, and one good wash rag around the eyes and cheeks… the ones on your face… can ensure a successful pass on mom’s bedtime inspection.

In a few weeks, I’ll have some new neighbors. Hopefully, whoever moves in will know how to bake cookies!

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