Monday, February 1, 2010

El Hijo Loco's Monday Night RAW Flashback

Monday, February 2nd, 2010.

Hola amigos! Welcome to El Hijo Loco's first blog.

First off I want to thank Vince McMahon for not inviting me yet again to participate in the Royal Rumble. I was very disappointed in the lack of surprise entries during the match. I did like seeing Beth Phoenix take out Khali. I would love to throw out a challenge to the Glamazon right now... three falls "anywhere"... no HOLDS barred...

...where was I? Oh yeah, RAW!!!

I, El Hijo Loco, am NOT a fan of the celebrity guest hosts on RAW. There is no consistancy from show to show. Last night was terrible and felt as though the great and mighty William Shatner was not even there in the arena. He didn't come out to address the crowd until the end of the show... and then he was done in less than two minutes. Some hosts are on camera most of the show and act as general managers, making matches, when it is SO obvious that they have never even watched WWE programming in their pampered lives. I really wish they would just dump the entire celebrity angle, but I would compromise if they would just let the celebrities make two or three funny appearances... and NOT let them make matches.
It is time for Vince to appoint a fulltime General Manager to RAW.

I have a few suggestions. First off is me, El Hijo Loco. Unfortunately my bad history with a few of the current roster would make such an appointment far too risky. I have made vicious enemies with some of the top WWE Superstars. El Hijo is a bit of a prankster you see and most of the pro wrestlers you know and love have absolutely NO sense of humor.

Other suggestions for a general manager would be Hector Guerrero, a serious Hacksaw (not the cartoon parody WWE has used lately) or Dusty Rhodes. Bottom line, they need a veteran superstar to lead the WWE out of the chaos and clutter I see week in and week out.

All in all, RAW was about a 6 out of 10 for me. How many storylines are going to have HBK
feeling sorry for himself? How much more wimpy will the segments get before the writers realize kids are in bed and us grownups do not like watching a watered down version of the RAW programming that once had ATTITUDE!

Adios mi amigos!

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