Saturday, May 1, 2010

000029 - Cartooning Secrets Revealed!

Everyone has been asking me how I come up with all these insane ideas for my strips, parody songs and toy concepts. I really hate giving away my secrets but if it helps others, I guess I can reveal my process to the world. I warn you, this may not work for everyone. If you have a heart condition, you may want to check with your physician first.

The first trick is to live with as little sleep as possible. I try and get no more than four hours a night. This keeps your brain in la la land all day long. In this state, your mind trips into a daydream state. In this near full-dream state ideas will flow like a raging river! At times, it is all I can do just to write everything down.

Now with this condition, I have to supplement my body with nutrients. I fill up on a large french vanilla cappuccino from McDonald's first thing in the morning. This keeps me from falling asleep on the way to work. On the drive home from work I blast Cheap Trick as loud as I can to keep me awake. Their first self titled album and their current albums Rockford and The Latest are the best Cd's for blowing out your eardrums with.

The last thing that I really feed on is positive input from my readers. I have received such a great response on Facebook over just the last two weeks that all I can think of is my comic strip. My fan count grew with nearly three hundred new users in just two weeks!

That's how I create my strip. Now that the secret is out I guess we'll see a ton of other new comic strips on the internet. Good luck to you all!

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