Wednesday, May 19, 2010

000032 - Long Live Rock N Roll

It is so tough seeing your heroes fade away into the sunset. As soon as I heard the news of Ronnie James Dio's passing, I felt just a tad bit older... but just a tad. The guy released his first single in 1957 so Dio was pretty dang old. Still, you just never envision your rock n roll icons as having special discounts at Luby's.

I noticed Robert Plant the other day with this odd little necklace. At first I had this déjà vu fall over me. Spooked, I had to research the odd pendant that seems to be emblazoned in a past memory. Then it hit me! Plant was sporting a Life Alert apparatus. I guess even though we see these idols as rock gods, they are infact merely humans with a bit more luck and a lot more talent.

I will not swear to Dio as being the greatest vocalist of all time, but he is in my top ten. Here is my list for all to see. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am!

10. Roger Waters - The guy may not be the smoothest singer in the world, but he puts more emotions in his songs than everyone else on my list combined. No one can swing your mood better than the disputed leader of Pink Floyd.

9. John Lennon - Whoa! #9? Why is Lennon not higher on Dave's list? Well, unfortunately I just do not feel he is as great as the other vocalists on my list. As a songwriter, the dude kicks butt, but as a vocalist, he is great but he just does not fall higher than the others. Please forgive me!

8. Dee Snider - Okay, I'm an SMF. I absolutely LOVED Twisted Sister when I was in High School. Dee Snider is SO underrated. I remember seeing their Come Out and Play tour... and my ears still ring to this day!!!

7. Rob Halford - Breaking the law... breaking the law... He sure looked odd in that leather outfit, but dang that guy can sing!

6. Ronnie James Dio - When he replaced Ozzy in Black Sabbath, this man had so much pressure weighed upon him. I remember being sceptical until I heard Heaven and Hell. I bought all the Rainbow albums the following week. Dio put on one HELL of a concert too... Rest in peace sir.

5. Paul McCartney - The man has a thousand voices. No one ever seems to note this fact. I guess fans are more concentrated on the composer side of the Beatle. Checkout the latest Fireman CD and prepare to be "wow'ed"!

4. David Gilmour - Dave brings back so many memories for me. An old flame turned me on to the Floyd in high school. Gilmour's stirring vocals helped me through life's ups and downs. I just wish he would have released more solo albums.

3. George Harrison - Surprised? I have ALWAYS favored the quiet Beatle. His songwriting is simple yet so very deep. Lyrics aside, his vocals are the most unique, stirring, sometimes haunting sound to ever expel from a rock legend's heart.

2. Robert Plant - The guy is so close to being in first place after releasing the awesome Raising Sand album a few years ago. I had the honor of standing in the front row, dead center, for a show and I cannot recall a concert experience that tops this bragging right!

1. Robin Zander - Cheap Trick's frontman will always be the greatest vocalist of all time in my opinion. Listen to "Hot Love", "Mandocello", "Downed", "World's Greatest Lover", "You Let a Lot of People Down" and "Sick Man of Europe" and ignore the overplayed "Surrender", "The Flame" and "Surrender". The man is the best F'n singer who ever lived.

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