Monday, May 3, 2010

000030 - Diva Loco

Today's blog is from international wrestling superstar El Hijo Loco!

El Hijo Loco is once again smitten by a WWE Diva. Now that Mickie James has been let go by the wrestling powerhouse, El Hijo Loco has turned his affections to another SmackDown! diva... Beth Phoenix! El Hijo Loco hopes that the WWE fully realizes what they have with this golden goddess. El Hijo has met many greats... Trish Stratus, Amy Dumas, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson... and Beth Phoenix has something special that these ladies do not possess... El Hijo Loco's heart!

El Hijo would like to pitch a storyline for Beth's character. El Hijo Loco would like to see Beth find love with a superstar like maybe Dolph Ziggler (because El Hijo Loco knows he can take him out with one hand tied behind El Hijo Loco's back) and after a few months, have Beth's heart broken by the scum. We would see this beautiful diva express her soft side and pull everyone's sympathy to the sweet, sobbing angel. Then El Hijo Loco will sweep Beth off of her feet and we will then have a private no-holds-barred match.

El Hijo Loco can only dream for Vince has told El Hijo Loco time and time again that his restraining order against El Hijo Loco does not expire until the year 2165. El Hijo Loco never would have hit Vince with that chair if he knew the action would have thwarted El Hijo Loco from meeting his one true love, Beth Phoenix. Sorry my dear angel. Maybe if you one day go to TNA our destiny will be fullfilled.

El Hijo Loco can be found in the panels of the comic strip Just Say Cheese.
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