Sunday, May 23, 2010

000033 - In a Jam

Of course, wouldn't ya know it! Google adds a playable Pacman Game to their website for one weekend only and I go and jam my finger playing basketball! I am still drawing my strip but it REALLY hurts!

Regrets? Heck no! I jammed my digit playing ball with my sons. I would lose an entire limb and not regret the time I had hacking off my arm or leg with my two sons. The older they get, the shorter the time I have with them. I just noticed my arm is bleeding. I just finished playing tennis with them and never realized I sliced my arm open. Oh well.

El Hijo Loco needs to learn to chill and enjoy his moments of glory. Today's strip studies El Hijo Loco's temperament. Sometimes you just have to let the past go so you can enjoy the present.

Man, it really hurts to type today! My finger is swollen and turning black. Just nasty!

Click on the image below to enlarge...

1 comment:

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