Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fug Cheese Gets 2,100th Facebook Fan!

Wow! My comic strip Just Say Cheese just received its 2,100th fan!!! What an amazing 10 months this has been. The next three months are going to be very exciting as well as I run my comic strip in the Cartoonist Studio's cartoonist search contest. The winner gets a FIVE YEAR developmental contract with Creator's Syndicate!!!

I have sent out presentations to the remaining six syndicates. I really think my strip is unique enough and funny enough to be syndicated. I also realize these syndicates receive THOUSANDS of ideas for strips every year... and their creators think their strip is good enough as well! The chances of my strip actually getting reviewed are pretty slim.

Winning this contest is my one REAL shot at making it in this dream career. That is why I am putting everything I have into these submissions. Over the next two weeks I am going to push myself to complete the five strips I need to get myself entered. Afterwards, I will return with new strips for the public... so stay "toon"ed!!!

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