Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update on My Characters

The stars of my comic strip are busy in and out of the padded panels of my insane world. The rock band the Okra Pods have announced that they are headed to Nashville next week to record their next studio album, Pod and Country.

Derik and Paulsey sat down with me this afternoon about this new project.

“This is going to be our first parody album containing country music,” reveals Derik Hamm. “We cut a demo of She’s a Sleep Walking Woman and our record company went nuts. They immediately got us in contact with a producer in Nashville by the name of Marty Moonshine O’Rourke. We are told he is one of the best producers in all of Tennessee!”

“The real problem now is that the record company expects us to cut an album in three weeks and we only have the one song written”, whispers Paulsey.

“I know!”, exclaims Derik. “The song is a great parody of She’s a Good Hearted Woman… but that is the only country song we really know. The record company has demanded a parody album of nothing but country songs. We are listening to every Country album we can find. We’re cramming everyone we can into our ears. We’ve listened to Johnny Cash’s catalog last night. Today we listened to a ton of Willie. Tonight we are going for some Merle… and tomorrow Waylon is on our list. We want the raw, hard country for our album.”

When more information becomes available about the new album, you will hear the details first here! Subscribe to this blog for all the latest on the Okra Pods and on my comic strip Just Say Cheese!… “She’s a sleepwalking woman perplexed ’bout her all-over tan…” This is going to be a HUGE hit!!!!

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