Friday, January 21, 2011

Time to Get Famous!

This is it. Nine months worth of work going out to the syndicates! At least now I know that I tried to follow my dream. If this is as far as I get to being syndicated, so be it. I will continue to just publish online if I never hear back from anyone.

I feel like my comic strip Just Say Cheese has so much to offer over other strips. There is not a lot of depth to some of the current strips. Unfortunately, space is limited and the comic strips that are being published are very good. It has been a long time coming for a strip like mine to get published. The story packs such a punch with the two kids sharing a bond because they have both lost a parent. We watch the two forget about the real world through some crazy, twisted adventures. It starts out dark, but the audience becomes too wrapped up in the mayhem to really dwell on the past.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll be surprised pretty quickly and get picked up. A total of seven syndicates are receiving submissions. Five are pictured here. Two others were sent electronically over the internet. I am very excited about my comic strip finally making it to the syndicates… but I know the chances of ever hearing back are pretty slim! The syndicates receive THOUSANDS of strip ideas per year. I’ll be lucky if I even get looked at!!!!!

Not having tried is worse than being shunned after trying.

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