Tuesday, April 27, 2010

000027 - Toying Around

I've been "toying" around in the toy industry for 18 years now. It's the perfect job for someone who refuses to grow up! I tell everyone that I have to watch cartoons all day and wrestling at night because I have to keep up with juvenile trends! I cannot believe people buy that line...

In other news, Just Say Cheese is closing in on 500 fans... or likes. I hate the new term "like". Either way, my goal for 500 fans by June should be reached by tomorrow. Next goal will be 1,000 fans by September. That WILL be tough. Then the next step is syndication. That will be dang-near impossible. If I succeed, between the toy industry income and the cash flow from syndication, I should actually be making a living!

Time to check in on El Hijo Loco. The wrestling legend has made it home to his family in Mexico. He has spent all his life wrestling around the globe. Has fame and fortune smiled upon the larger than life superstar?

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