Monday, April 19, 2010

000025 - Earth Quakers

There are people spouting about that the world is coming to an end. Weekly earthquakes are now topped off with an erupting volcano in Europe that no one can even pronounce the name of. There are some saying that Yellowstone Park will host the next volcano to explode... and they are saying THIS is the volcano that very well could have been responsible for killing the dinosaurs!

These people are nuts... I am now, hereby, coining a phrase. These fanatics are now to be forever known as Earth Quakers.

Now for today's comic strip starring El Hijo Loco... a character who was actually created by my brother-in-law Randy Salsbury. Dang, now I probably have to pay him. I'll give him 10%... that comes out annually to a ha'penny...

Click image to enlarge...

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