Sunday, April 25, 2010

000026 - Living for Yesterday

I have heard over and over again that in order to be successful you have to live for tomorrow. People actually believe that you have to work hard today so that you can build for a better future. Well, this mind set is so horribly incorrect!

I realized the error in this ideology during my long bus ride home from Dallas. I had chaperoned my son's school band trip to Six Flags. It was an enlightening experience as I watched my son interact with his friends. I recalled for myself all the trips I made as a teenager with my friends. I would go to lock-ins every couple of months just to chill with friends... and hit on girls... I did say that I was a teenager, right?

As I was sitting quietly on the bus and watching the kids smiling, laughing, and picking on each other, I recalled how much I missed my own childhood as well as how much my childhood shaped who I am. I miss my close friends and the old, wild days of debauchery and chaos that made such great memories and made me into the man I am today.

Live for yesterday! Share your memories with your kids! Of course, edit the details so you do not get yourself into any trouble... Bottom line is to start working on memories for your loved ones. Your past is your legacy, not what you plan on becoming tomorrow... tomorrow may never come!

Okay, now for something funny...

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