Sunday, April 18, 2010

000024 - Fortune and Fame

I have been overwhelmed with all the well wishes for my comic strip in the last few weeks. Now I am actually starting to believe I can do this!

I have a lot of friends who are telling me that they hope I remember them when I am rich and famous. They obviously don't know how much a syndicated cartoonist makes! With all the newspapers tanking it, there are fewer and fewer outlets every day! Plus the going rate is about $20 a WEEK per strip per newspaper... and that income is split with the cartoonist and the syndicate. I figure if I am lucky and I do get syndicated, I'll still be working in the toy industry full time as I produce just Say Cheese for the rest of my life!... unless I can market the hell out of my characters. Oh yeah, I'll sell out in a heartbeat!!!!! Maybe my 16 years in the toy industry will finally benefit ME for a change.

I can see it now, I'll have Fug Cheese action figures, water guns, and video games. The really cool way to make money with this comic strip would be to release some of the parody albums by the Okra Pods. That could EASILY be my bread and butter... and not that cheap margarine butter substitute junk. I am talking about artery clogging dairy goo!

I measure riches very differently than most people. I would be content on just being syndicated and knowing that there are people actually reading my strip. Everyone knows that the comics are the only section anyone takes time to actually read... okay maybe I made up that fact, but I bet by average, you would find that I am correct. Just knowing that I have a captive audience with people sitting on buses, trains and airplanes who are reading my strip and giving a chuckle would make me richer than I have ever been in my life...

Nope, I take that back. My two sons have made my heart richer than I ever thought imaginable. The syndication of my comic strip would still be pretty dang cool though!

So here is today's strip. This episode concludes the fourth week of dailies!

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