Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Comic 021

Just in case you are wondering about the Superheroes mentioned in today's strip, these are actual characters I have developed over the years. I have about a dozen or so heroes who make up the Global Guardians. I have written a series of strips for Just Say Cheese that star High Voltage and his Sidekick Sparky the Nuclear Boy. If I can find a way to tie in these characters into the strip, I may share these strips with you!

High Voltage is a superhero from the 1930 and 40's who was frozen in a state of suspended animation by the arch villian Dr. Axis. High Voltage's original sidekick, Adam Atom, spent the next fifty years trying to solve the mystery of his mentor's disappearance. After a series of mysterious leads, Adam finds High Voltage and revives the superhero. High Voltage is still the same age he was in 1943 and now has to deal with the loss of everything he held dear including the loss of his beloved fiance. To deal with everything, High Voltage has taken up his war on crime with his new sidekick Sparky the Nuclear Boy.

Remember, if you are on Facebook please become a fan and then suggest me to ALL of your friends. I am going to work as hard as I can until I get about four to six months worth of strips posted. Then I will shop my strip to the syndicates as I continue to post more and more strips. The more Fans I have, the better my strip will look to the syndicates.

Here is the latest strip.

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